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QASH is NOW listed on QUOINEX and QRYPTOS!
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Choose Base Currency Pair at the trading dashboard.
Trades at the selected BCP will have 0% fees.
You can choose only one BCP at a time.
You will not be able to edit BCP for 6 months.
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Be Fully Secured

QUOINEX was built with security at its core. We deploy a bank-grade security system to ensure your data and assets are safe. Here are some of the many ways you are protected:
Multi-Factor Authentication
Multi-factor authenticated timed sessions, providing 3 layers of signatures for customer accounts.
Private API Key
Private API key that remains securely hidden in your trading dashboard.
Whitelisted BTC and IP Addresses
All verified Bitcoin addresses and IP addresses with API access are whitelisted in a safe list, so no other addresses will be accepted.
All personal information is encrypted, in addition to back-end communications.
IPs and access points logs to help you spot any foreign activity.
Secure Wallet Maintenance
We store your BTC and ETH in segregated wallets. BTC funds will be stored in multisig cold wallets to ensure the highest level of controls to manage your funds.
Know Your Customer
Extensive KYC procedures ensure that we only deal with legitimate individuals and organizations.
Anti-Money Laundering
Transactions are reviewed on an on-going basis to prevent money laundering activities.
Checks And Balances Reconciliation
Automated reconciliation checks, conducted daily as part of our operational risk management.
Transactions Processing
Coupled with reconciliation checks, our transaction processing ensure prices are honored with efficient price discovery.
Feature Rich Trading
The ultimate trading experience powered by
an unmatched dashboard and sophisticated trading tools.
Customizable Panels
Arrange the dashboard features to maximize your trading activity. Move, resize, and stack panels to match your viewing needs.
Customize your entire workspace: arrange panels into sections, move them around and/or to an external screen.
Fast Execution Matching Engine
QUOINEX’s matching engine is capable of processing close to one million transactions per second.
Flexible Multicurrency Deposits
Currency deposits in local banks covering all major global and Asian currencies: JPY, USD, EUR, SGD, HKD, IDR, AUD, and INR.
Realtime Pricing And Charts
Real time prices, live charts, and advanced technical analysis tools (trend indicators and oscillators).
Margin Trading
Margin trading with leverage starting at 2X and up to 100x.
Internal bitcoin lending platform allowing our customers to lend their bitcoin to margin traders and earn daily interest.
More sophisticated trading strategies with Bitcoin futures on selected markets.
Vanilla Icebergs
Vanilla Icebergs algo trading. More strategies to come very soon.
Open API that allows access to key features on the platform.

Elite Trader Interface

Dive into our revolutionary trading interface for the ultimate trading experience. The future of online trading for the elite trader is now at your fingertips.


Group various panels together and enjoy a seamless trading experience.


Keep the most used features visible and hide those you never use.

Go Beyond

Detach panels to external monitors (or OSX spaces) and organize your ideal trading environment.

Mobile Ready

Enjoy a full suite of fast trading features and high-end security on your mobile device.

Add Markets Feature

View and monitor over 20 cryptocurrency trading pairs with a single tap. Select from BTCJPY, BTC/USD, BTC/SGD, ETH/JPY, BTC/EUR, and many more.

Margin Trade

Leverage up to 100x.

Place Order

Basic to advanced trade types available:
from Market, Limit, Range and Stop orders.

Manage Your Account

Add bank accounts, fund, and withdraw,
all in one app.

Regulatory Compliance

QUOINEX is compliant with global KYC / AML standards. Keeping our customers’ assets safe is our highest priority.

Know Your Customer Processes (KYC)

A step-by-step process we follow upon your registration. Once you submit the required documents, we will review your account for verification.


  • Register with e-mail and password
  • Submit personal information
  • Submit identification documents
  • Reviewal process
  • Account verified!


  • Register with e-mail and password
  • Submit company registration information
  • Submit company bank details
  • Reviewal process
  • Account verified!

Legal And Compliance Documentation

QUOINE Corporation, our Japanese entity, works closely with the Financial Services Agency of Japan in legal and compliance measures.

Press and Media

Transparency is important to us. Find our latest announcements and media coverage here.


Have a question? Browse our frequently asked questions or submit a ticket to our Customer Support team.